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The International Day-care Center "Multi Lingua” was initiated, developed and realised by "Kultur Mosaik Berlin,” a non-profit organisation.

"Kultur Mosaik Berlin" is an officially recognized founder for child and youth services in the State of Berlin.

The founders aim to utilize the cultural diversity in Berlin in order to contribute to shaping a modern tolerant society. Intercultural education is considered to be one of their primary societal missions.

The main focus of "Kultur Mosaik Berlin" is to promote the educational work with children in a multicultural environment. The general objective is especially achieved by building and servicing multi-lingual day care centers in Berlin, whereby a particular emphasis is placed on intercultural education and promotion of natural multilingualism. In times of a growing European Union (EU), the globalisation of trade and everyday intercultural experiences, the founders believe that a multilingual and multicultural education is an essential part of the modern elementary education. In Berlin, where almost every second child has at least one parent of non-German origin, multilingual care remains in low (but highly required) supply. At the same time there is a growing demand among the German-speaking parents, who are in search of multilingual child care.

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