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Dear parents,

We are pleased that you are interested in our International Day-care Center "Multi Lingua"!

International Day-care Center “Multi Lingua” includes a pre-school and nursery, which offers you and your child a high quality multi-lingual day care experience and individual education. Our nursery and pre-school are open to children from six months to six years of age. We are a cosmopolitan multicultural childcare institution that welcomes families of all cultures and religions. An expanded educational program (see "seven educational areas” of Multi Lingua), organic meals in the form of full board (breakfast, break for fruits and/ or vegetables, lunch, snack), an innovative language learning concept, an international team of teachers and flexible opening hours make our educational concept very special.

The linguistic skills and individual abilities of children will be carefully promoted irrespective of one’s native language starting from the first few months up to school age. Children, who do not speak German at home, will be particularly supported throughout their language learning experience and will be fully prepared for the challenges of starting school through our special educational concept and fully qualified staff.

A multi-lingual concept of care, support and education concentrates on the established immersion method for infants and pre-school children with a focus on German, English and/ or Russian languages is unique in Berlin / Brandenburg. Through the process of experiencing the authentic multilingualism, the children should be prepared for tomorrow’s world and consequently develop the basis for tolerance and mutual respect towards people speaking other languages and coming from other cultures.