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We offer the possibility to English native-speakers to join our team at MULTI LINGUA, an International Daycare Centre in Berlin, Germany’s multicultural and cosmopolitan capital.

Job Description

On a rolling basis we have trainee / internship positions in the daycare to help our native English and German teachers. If you do share our fascination about multilingual children growing up in a multicultural environment and would like to gain more practical experience, please, send us your electronic application year-round.

We are also happy to receive your electronic application, if you are looking for a Daycare Teacher or Assistant position:


- A native English speaker with excellent command of spoken and written English. German basics are desirable.

- Experience in intercultural projects.

- Being excited and motivated by new challenges

- Being ready to develop your educational skills in Germany by individual reflections, activities planning & preparation and regular participation in seminars.

- A degree in education or previous working experience in educational sphere is necessary.


- To engage in children’s personal development and education.

- To oversee the children's daily activities together with a German educator.

- To plan, support, assess, monitor, record and report the overall progress and development of the children, especially the development of their language skills.

- To provide a positive, calm and safe learning environment.

- To foster positive and effective relationships with parents and team.

The salary depends on experience and qualification. Only applicants with a valid EU passport and/or a valid work permit for Germany will be considered.

Forward your English CV to our email address:

We will contact you regarding your application.


Internship and Volunteership

Multi Lingua day-care centre also offers internship and volonteer positions all year round (subject to availability). If you are interested please contact us for more details.